Tim was raised in Wood County. Before completing high school he joined the Army and following graduation, was sent to United States Army South (USARSO), where he was stationed for three years. Returning home he attended college at the University of Toledo (UT). While he was at UT, the terrorist attacks of 9-11 happened and he was called back up to Federal Service days later. Coincidently his love for our country and service did not stop there. Tim has encouraged many people to take a more active role in government by finding Republican meetings to attend, researching local candidates and events and becoming more vocal regarding issues and candidates. Tim sees how quickly socialism is creeping into our society and he is convinced that more strong, Constitutional Conservatives serving in government, can stop it from spreading, and begin to reverse the tide and make America great again.

Tim made his first run for County Central Committee in about 2015 and has held that position since that time for his precinct in Sylvania. He has enjoyed getting to know the constituents in his precinct and ward. Tim has hosted events in his backyard to educate on how to get involved in the political process, hosted a dinner for local candidates, taught classes on CRT and brought in speakers to share their expertise on various topics.

When Tim is not working and volunteering, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Abby, and their 5 active boys. He is also a recently ordained minister.

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