• Advancement of Second Amendment Protections
  • Restore American Family Values and Virtues
  • Photo Identification for Voting
  • Following the Law on Issues of Illegal Immigration
  • Extensive Laws Against Human Trafficking
  • Getting Tougher on Illegal Opioid Trafficking
  • Getting Tougher on Abortion
  • Purging the Bias Against Conservative Students on Campus at State Colleges, Universities and Technical Schools
  • Eliminating Common Core
  • Eliminating Critical Race Theory
  • Eliminating SEL (Social Emotional Learning)
  • Evaluating the need for State Income Tax
  • Reduce Spending by the State
  • Reduce the Complexity of Ohio’s Revised Code
  • Reduce the Number of Appointments Made by the Governor
  • Eliminate Wind and Solar Subsidies and Renewable Energy Credits
  • Clean up Lake Erie and Tributaries

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