Endorsements & Supporting Organizations!

Abby and Tim are proud to announce their endorsements or statements of support from the following organizations.

Tim is excited to announce his endorsement by a national organization- Veterans for America First. During the screening process it was mentioned that the group normally doesn’t endorse candidate positions at this level, after I shared with them the power retained by these positions the tone of the conversation changed. Here’s what their press release had to say

Timothy L. Brentlinger for Ohio Central Committee – https://brentlingerforohio.com/

Tim is an Army Veteran – Tim is running for a party position that effects official endorsements. Particularly in Ohio the party went rogue and issued the presidential endorsement to John Kasich , Tim wants to help make sure that the establishment is never allowed to do that again in Ohio.

Stan Fitzgerald VFAF, July 12th, 2022

Abby and Tim are excited to announce their grade by the Buckeye Firearms Association. Both of us received a grade of Aq. Here is BFA’s explanation of a grade of Aq:

Aq = A candidate “A” grade that is based solely on our questionnaire. We have no voting record to evaluate. (Other grades may have a “q” for the same reason.)

Read here to learn more about their endorsed and graded candidates throughout Ohio.


Abby and I both received the “Preferred Candidate Status” from Ohio Value Voters. In our written communication with OVV, they said the following,

“The Board of Ohio Value Voters has voted to give you a “preferred candidate” rating in your race for the State Central Committee

Please use the word “preferred” instead of “endorsed.”

Attached is our logo.  Feel free to use it in your campaign.

Thank you for your service in Ohio.”

Read here to learn more about their preferred candidates throughout Ohio, as well as learn more about this awesome organization.


Abby and Tim are glad to announce their endorsement by the Ohio Republican PAC!

The Ohio Republican PAC endorses candidates for office based on their acceptance and conformity to our platform and principles. 

OHRPAC.com‘s brand of conservatism supports adherence to the United States and Ohio Constitutions, rugged individualism, personal responsibility, small and effective government, and economic freedom to the maximum amount possible.

The Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom has released what they maintain to be the candidate stances.

Read here to learn more about this organization. Packed with information specific to Ohio, as well as links to similar organizations in other states.

This is not an endorsement.
See disclaimer at the bottom of the image.
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